by Ann Lawrence

May 2005
ISBN: 0-765-34888-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Tor Books
Mass Market Paperback

At night, do you stare out into the darkness and have a feeling something is staring back? In moments of loneliness, does your soul try to whisper that evil haunts the shadows? Ann Lawrence’s new book asks the question Do You Believe?

Rose Early finds herself in a small village in England searching for her sister. When Joan disappears after sending some strange emails, Rose can’t help but feel something is wrong. The only clue she finds is a novel written by the famous horror author, Vic Drummond. Her sister had written notes in the margins. Rose can see how his talent could affect her sister. His words have a way of making evil seem very real.

Vic Drummond had met Rose’s sister and he offers to help her search. The attraction between them is instant and tense, but Rose knows it doesn’t mean anything since there’s no such thing as love at first sight. As they delve deeper into the dark secrets this idyllic town seems to be hiding, they find themselves being challenged by forces not all together human.

When the truth about Joan’s disappearance comes out, they must find the strength to answer the questions they have with honesty and courage. Do they believe in evil? Do they believe in love? What will their answers be?

Do You Believe? is an entertaining book which can take the reader through a range of emotions. There’s happiness in seeing two people falling in love to horror at the depravity people can exhibit. Rose feels she has always lived in Joan’s shadow, but as the story progresses, we are allowed to watch Rose grow into herself. Having the strength to believe in herself makes her more attractive to the mysterious Vic. While Drummond’s background was a little sparse on detail, he is very seductive and supportive. Both characters are complex and intriguing. While the ending left this reader with a few questions, the overall story was well-written and atmospheric enough to keep this reader turning pages.

I think reading this book will make one dwell on the unexplained feelings the night sometimes gives those open enough to accept them. It will make you ask the question: Do You Believe?.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Jenni.

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