by Rachel Lee

January 2005
ISBN: 0-373-80212-9
Reviewer Graphic Button LUNA Books
Trade Paperback

Shadows of Myth by Rachel Lee is a fantasy story reminiscent of the classic epic adventures.

Sheís the only survivor of a brutal attack. She has no memory of who she might be or where she came from. When Archer Blackcloak and his two companions find her, they have no way of knowing theyíll be swept up in the adventure of their lives. They take her to a small village where she is cared for by Sara Deepwell. When she is well, she travels back to the scene of the attack with Blackcloak and a small band of others. There they find something disturbing and so their journey begins.

Tess Birdsong knows something, but itís hidden deep inside her mind. There is a darkness spreading across the land and this small band of adventurers might be the only ones to stop it. They each have their own secrets. Archer Blackcloak has wandered the world for years, trying to outrun painful memories. The Anari warriors traveling with him are fighting for their freedom in a world that has enslaved their people. Sara Deepwell and Young Tom are in search of a world different than the small village they have always known.

The darkness has a name and it is the Ilduin Bane. They are legendary assassin mages with blades of poison and death on their minds. No one knows if they really exist or are myths from ancient times, but Archer believes and he knows the hell that awaits the world if they arenít stopped. Archer is more than a mere wanderer and Tess is more than a mere victim, but will they be able to put aside their distrust of each other to battle this ancient evil and save their lands?

The world Ms. Lee has created is interesting. The pacing of the story and the characters are entertaining enough to make it worthwhile to read it, but there is a feeling of having read this story before. While Archer is the most complex and interesting of the characters, the reader isnít given enough information to make him feel bigger than life. Tess Birdsong, the heroine of the story seems to be overshadowed by Archer.

Shadows of Myth is an interesting beginning to the series. Iím looking forward to the next if only to find out more about Archer Blackcloak.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Jenni.

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