by Kate Snow

January 2005
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Thirty nine year old English Professor Glenna Rose can’t get her mind off of two men. The first one is M.D. Beaumont (aka Matt to his friends), her new faculty member at Stockton College. The second – the mysterious Dillinger, an extremely hot stripper at a place called Freud’s. Both men ignite passionate feelings in her; unfortunately neither one happens to be her fiancé.

Edward Caleb Trumbull is Glenna’s fiancé. His attitude is as stiff as his name. Even though Edward is engaged to Glenna, he has never seen the need to take their relationship to a physical level. In fact, a public kiss is even too much for him. It’s not surprising in the least that Glenna finds her head and her heart being turned so easily.

The whole idea of being strongly attracted to a stripper has Glenna crawling up the wall. If Matthew hadn’t suddenly become her suffering but patient best friend, she would be lost. When a lady has two dynamic men in her life and one stiff as a board fiancé, what is she supposed to do?

Kate Snow’s A Rose for Mr. Dillinger is a wonderful read. The story is an engrossing one sure to have readers going out in search of their very own Mr. Dillingers. Although the story reads quickly, it does not miss a beat. The characters are fully developed, and the story is cleverly told in an engaging manner.

It was thrilling to watch Glenna realize that she was not willing to settle for a life simply because it was easier and safer. Her first appearance at Freud’s singled the beginning of her much needed come-out. It was good to see a story where an older woman did not settle for less.

Read A Rose for Mr. Dillinger; it is sure to put a sparkle in your day

Reviewed in May 2005 by Natasha.

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