by Megan Hart

January 2005
ISBN: 1-59279-338-X
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Rhea is a plain woman of perhaps less than average looks who never attracts attention. On the way to a nightclub she is momentarily distracted by a shop sign promising greatly, reduced prices. She slips down the alley and into the shop, which is dominated by a damp, musky smell. Inside the store, she is amazed to find coats made of the softest furs. When a creepy store clerk fits her in a black, lush, coat which accentuates all of her features to their fullest and then some, Rhea is stunned. It is as though the coat was especially made for her, and glancing at her reflection, she even looks different…she looks strikingly beautiful and desirable.

When Rhea makes it to the club, for once, the spotlight falls on her. The men in the club are waiting in line to dance with her, and her glass never goes empty. Her favorite dance partner is Ted, and after he fingers Rhea to multiple orgasms, the two of them go to his place for a night of wild, earth moving sex.

The coat has brought a wonderful change in Rhea’s life, but how long will the change last? What will happen when the coat comes off?

Who knows for certain? In this reviewer’s mind, Moonlight Madness, a story under twenty pages, doesn’t really answer the question. The ending seems unfinished and lacks substance; it will undoubtedly leave readers confused.

The rest of the story was hot and exciting. The idea of an unremarkable woman being changed into a dazzling beauty by a magical coat rings of fairytale bliss. Vivid imagery expresses Rhea’s emotions and her passion. Hart writes in such a convincing manner that the story comes across as believable.

Unfortunately no matter how great the beginning is, you can’t help but hold on to the ending, and regrettably this one is inadequate.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Natasha.

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