by Ruth D. Kerce, Diana Hunter, Ruby Storm

January 2005
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Years ago after winning the state college baseball championship, three friends, Hunter, Brian, and Paul celebrate their victories by getting diamonds tattooed on their rear ends. In the present, they are no longer as young and crazy as they were then, but they are all still searching for that one great triumph which continues to elude them Ė love. The three gorgeous hunks will find their victories in the delightful collection Diamond Studs from celebrated writers Ruth D. Kerce, Diana Hunter, and Ruby Storm.

In Ruth D. Kerceís Diamond Assets, executive Hunter Dunlap has decided to avoid females for a while. Something about his ex-wife leaving him for his personal assistant has turned him off relationships. He never imagined his less than glamorous conservative secretary, Ronni Strickland, would be the one woman to make him change his mind.

School teacher Paul Anderson is afraid to reveal his true sexual desires in Diana Hunterís Diamond in the Snow. Women have been known to run from his domineering ways. He finds it hard to believe that his fellow teacher, Carolyn Brooks, is being honest when she says that she literally does not mind being tied down.

In Ruby Stormís Diamond in the Rough, two of Cupidís fairies will witness first hand the power of love as they watch Brian Valentine heal his own broken heart with the love of the beautiful Claire Holliday. Unlike most people, Claire can see Brian for the treasure he truly is.

Diamond Studs is a wonderful offering from three extremely talented women, Ruth D. Kerce, Diana Hunter, and Ruby Storm. The idea of the diamond tattoo was quite clever, and all three authors wove it skillfully into their stories. Although all of the tales are top-notch, Diamond in the Rough will stand out because of the lovable and funny fairies who fly throughout the story.

Diamond Studs is a real jewel, one youíre sure to enjoy reading over and over again.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Natasha.