by Gail Faulkner

January 2005
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Gray has spent years in hell, literally. Two years as a POW in South America taught him how much pain he can endure and also taught him to not forsake the gift that was pasted down to him from his ancestors. Dream Walking has always been considered a way to view the past and the future, but Gray broke that mold when he walked into the dreams of the person that saved his life. His Dream Woman pulled him back from the brink of death and made him want to live again. His hope is in one day finding her so that he can show her what she gave him and so that he can finally let the emotion that has filled his life shine out.

Prin has got to find a way to stop the dreams that have haunted her for the past couple of years. Dreams that bring her ultimate submissiveness into the forefront of her thoughts. That bring the unbelievable and frustratingly burning lust that will not be quenched. One night in the control of a Dom is all she needs. She hasnít let her submissive side out since the death of her husband, and it is time to let her inner submissive loose. Outlining an iron clad contract that stated no names, no questions, one night and nothing more, Prin is going to finally get what she has needed for years. A release to the feelings that are burning her alive.

Yet when Prin walks through the door, Gray decides that the contract has to go. His Dream Woman is finally within his grasp, literally, and he will move heaven and earth to make sure that she doesnít get out. Prin canít believe her eyes when she walks into the room. It is the ultimate Dom that has invaded her every dreaming moment, tormenting her with an ecstasy that will never come. If only he can do to her in real life what he has done to her in dreams, then she can finally find release. But, Gray has more important things on his mind than one night, he has forever. Unfortunately Prin has a secret that could destroy the beginning that Gray hopes will turn into forever.

Full Ride is one of the hottest stories that I have ever read. If you have a faint heart or get offended with the total dominance that a man can push onto a woman, then beware. Full Ride is not for the faint of heart, but the connoisseur of domination and submission. Gray and Prinís story is an amazing demonstration of the feelings that can come of complete control that is willingly given. Gail Faulkner has written on of the best BDSM stories that I have had the pleasure to read. A definite must read for anyone that wants to read a book that make them burn in all the right places.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Angel.

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