by Jaid Black

July 2001
ISBN: 1-84360-026-9
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It’s always unfortunate to be a messenger when all you bring is bad news… and when the news is that the betrothed of Euan Donald, THE Donald of the Isles of Skye, leader of the Donald clan, ditched him for another man, well, you can’t expect less than getting your head chopped off by The Donald himself.

But really, it isn’t the fact he was dumped that Euan is pissy about – it’s the fact that the Hay, the same messenger who had also promised to bring him a bride, didn’t honor his promise and at least bring him another! So, still in an aggravated, not to mention frustrated state, he travels to the Hay territory to steal himself a wife! After all, reivin’ is THE thing to do in 1052 AD Scotland.

But Janet Duval isn’t from 1052 AD – she’s from the present, having a nice dinner with her best friend Morag while she’s on business in Nairn, Scotland. When they leave the restaurant, they are caught in the worst fog that Morag, a Scottish native, has ever seen. Janet and Morag hold hands as they bumble around in the dense fog. As they go toward the direction where the fog seems to have lifted, two muscular men on horseback grab both Janet and Morag separately. What follows is an adventure for both contemporary women that spans time travel and, of course, a sexual journey that literally sizzles off the pages!

Euan considers himself very lucky indeed when he discovers that he had stolen himself a voluptuous beauty. But Janet believes that while she’s not hard to look at, she’s not the kind of woman that men take double looks at; she’s a little on the fat side, or so she thinks, her unpleasant adolescence leaving a negative impression of herself. So it surprised her to no end that an impossibly handsome and hard-muscled man like Euan would find her irresistible! They must have built them differently – and better! – during the 2nd century!

Short but sweet, Warlord offers a vast array of entertainment – from appealing characters to… well, sizzling sex! Although it stretched believability that Janet could learn ancient Gaelic so quickly, I’m more than willing to suspend belief as Euan and Janet interact in what seems to be the universal language – lurve! It is delightful (not to mention aerobic!) to go along with Janet as she embarks on a sexual awakening with Euan, who discovers for the first time the pleasures of a female giving oral sex! Poor Janet… NOT! Euan’s tender ministrations turn Janet’s fears into affection and eventually love. With a newly acquired family (a whole CLAN of them when she had absolutely no one during her time period), Janet is not missing twenty-first century conveniences when faced with such love and loyalty. Of course, it doesn’t hurt the fact that Morag, her best friend who has married and fallen in love (respectively!) with Euan’s brother, is alongside her for the ride!

Jaid Black has once again delivered an alpha hero to die for and an adorably spunky heroine that a woman reader can identify with! Armed with one-liners and entertaining situations, Warlord is a very highly recommended read!

Reviewed in April 2002 by Veronica.

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