by Susan Wiggs

April 2005
ISBN: 0-7783-2167-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books

Lily Robinson spends her days teaching and caring for other people’s children even her best friend Crystal’s. Yet at the end of each day, Lily goes home alone. She likes the rest of the world to think that she likes her quiet life with the opportunity to travel when she pleases. However deep down she hides a painful secret about her past. This same secret has kept her from ever reaching out to find a husband and children of her own.

Sean McGuire is the carefree bachelor who has traveled the world as a golf professional. He’s spent most of his life trying to prove to himself that he’s as good as his brother Derek. Now it seems he’s left behind his life overseas and returned home with his tail between his legs.

Crystal and Derek McGuire once had a beautiful marriage from which came three children that they both love dearly. However Derek’s appetite for a younger woman quickly dissolved their marriage and left Crystal making some bad decisions of her own. When they end up stuck together with Lily to discuss their daughter’s development or lack of it, they both leave the school angry and head off to their respective homes. When Crystal’s car won’t start, she has no choice but to call Derek to come help her. Neither having any idea that when he has to give her a ride that it will be the last trip either of them will ever take.

The tragedy that occurs will pull both Lily and Sean together as they both feel they have their own reasons for taking over raising the children left behind. Although Lily knows that it was Crystal’s wish that she step in if anything ever happened, she never made it official. Sean however has the paperwork left behind by his brother showing that he is to be the legal guardian. Lily reluctantly walks away even as her own heart is breaking. What Sean didn’t anticipate was just how hard it would be to raise three children, support a household and keep everything in the house running smoothly.

Just as Sean is realizing he can’t do it alone, in steps Lily to save the day. After all what could be more important – a trip to Italy or spending the summer traveling from state to state in a crowded rv with three kids and one way too handsome man?

Although this book started off as a very emotional one for me, by the end of the book I was wiping away tears of laughter as the two most unlikely people realize just how much they need each other in order to create the perfect family. It is certainly obvious that Susan Wiggs must have hooked her wagon to a star as each book she writes only gets better and better!

Reviewed in March 2005 by Shelby.

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