by Lady Blade

December 2004
ISBN: 1-55410-121-2
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Have you found your one and only love to only lose them, never to fully recovery from it? What about waiting for fifteen long years holding out hope that they are still alive and canít get back to you? This is just the beginning of In the Arms of a Lost Love.

Stacy and Dylan had been high school sweetheart who even went to the same college and had planned on getting married after graduation. Only that never happened. Dylan liked to explore and archeology was his major, so he was going on one final dig before the two were to be married. Only he never made it back. According to the reports the plane crashed, and Dylan didnít survive. So after fifteen long years Stacy is finally going to Dylan's funeral; his remains have been found.

Stacy was having a hard time getting over Dylan. She always thought about him, but she tried to stay busy and push herself. She was able to live like that, but she wasnít happy. To make matters worse Stacy was seeing Dylan and feeling his presence. She knew she was losing her mind, as Dylan was dead.

But was Stacy really losing her mind? It seems that Dylan is very much alive only he has been living in another galaxy. He is finally able to fulfill his promise of coming back to her. It has taken him years, but he finally managed it. Only things are not going like he wanted them too. He has to make a delivery; then he will be back to take Stacy home with him, where he has been living for these last years.

Can the years of them being apart diminish the love they have for one another? Or did it only make it stronger? In the Arms of a Lost Love was a delightful story of second chances, of finding a lost love. Stacy and Dylan were easy to identify with if you have loved someone; we were able to see and feel what each of them was thinking and what they were going through. This was not a happily every after reunion; there were forces at play trying to keep them apart. The story did indeed involve love; it just wasnít sex because Stacy and Dylan loved each other through many things including misunderstandings and a kidnapping just to name a couple. This was the first story by Lady Blade that I have read, but it definitely will not be the last.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Pam.

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