by Meagan McKinney

January 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-6832-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dr. Stella St Valliers takes a year of absence returning to Shadows Oaks to help her ninety-plus year old aunt to solve the financial problems of the sugarcane plantation. She isn’t supposed to witness the drug deals that happened on her property. When she discovers that a deputy of the local police force and the owner of the local strip club, PG Toutant, are involved, she reports the incident to the local PD and the Drug Enforcement Agency, but no one takes her seriously. She decides to confront PG herself and meets US Marshal, Garrett Shaw. Garrett is working undercover as a bouncer in the strip club on another case and tries to warn Stella to stay away as she is complicating his investigation. Things do not go as planned and Garrett is found shot and unconscious in Stella’s sugarhouse. She doesn’ t know who is the bad guy in this mess, but she is sure someone wants to kill Garrett. With the help of her aunt, she moves and hides Garrett in the secret room of her house and nurses him back to health.

Still Of The Night starts a little slow at the beginning with a brief history and legacy of the Shadow Oaks plantation in Cane Town and doesn’t pick up until the hero, Garrett Shaw, enters the picture. Although Garrett is the hero of the story, he doesn’t have much of an appearance through the book. Apparently, the bad guy, police chief Jervis Archer appears from beginning till end. Moreover, Garrett isn’t a smart cop and doesn’t have the sense to ask for any backup before he arrests the strip club owner and ends up being shot and framed as a drug dealer. Stella St Valliers leads the whole story. She is brave and well educated but her distrust and sensitiveness get her into trouble and endanger her family.

Overall, Still Of The Night is a story of actions with little suspense and romance. An average read for a romantic suspense.

Reviewed in April 2002 by Rose.

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