by Bonnie Hearn Hill

April 2005
ISBN: 0-7783-2145-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Wow! That would pretty much sum up Double Exposure, but I must give genuine kudos to the talented Bonnie Hearn Hill and her newest romantic suspense.

At the story's center is Rebecca Mahoney (Reebie), who is just a tad bitter (to say the least) from a nasty divorce, where she lost it all. Her home, her livelihood and greatest love . . . winemaking. Reebie is now disentitled and working with a temp agency to make ends meet. For the time being her undervalued skills are on loan to a local newspaper in San Francisco. In addition, she works as a cosmetic saleswoman part-time. As the event food coordinator for the newspaper, tonight she is covering a local Irish pub for St. Patrick’s Day. Lucky for Reebie, she is the real thing . . .a good Irish girl with good Irish morals. She settles down to enjoy the festivities with her friend and co-worker Daphne Teng, when she decides to retrieve a message from her cell phone. The voice is strangely familiar, the name is not, and Reebie regrettably decides to return the call. The woman had identified herself as Jeanette Sheldon. Once the call goes through, and after brief introductions, Ms. Sheldon brazenly claims to be the ex mistress of the President, the same President who had died this very day—Michael Theodore Remington.

Taken aback—Reebie attempts to inform the woman that she is only a temp with no real journalism experience and politely suggests transferring the call to Leo Kersikovski who works in the newsroom. Having none of that, Ms. Sheldon is emphatic, she will scoop the story to Reebie and no one else and demands to meet with her tonight. Mystified, and more than a bit suspicious, and while she still has Ms. Sheldon on the line, Reebie does a quick Google search on her laptop to confirm whether the lady’s story is legit or not. Shockingly, it appears the caller is telling the truth about Jeanette Sheldon’s relationship with the President . . .she was the rumored mistress. However, the search also reveals that Jeanette Sheldon died in 1976.

From there on, the plot definitely thickens. The twists and turns Ms. Hill invokes will keep you completely and utterly intrigued. The stories of the protagonist and principal secondary characters expertly flow—each written in first person narratives as Reebie, The Mistress, Sunny, Nicholas, The Widow, The Mobster etc. Reebie’s love interest and sexy investigative reporter Leo Kersikovski add the smoldering romance and even the dog Chico has his cathartic purposes and will win your heart over.

This was my first Bonnie Hearn Hill novel, but let me enthusiastically say; it will not be my last. I plan to collect them all in short order, Johnnie Ray & Miss Kilgalen, Intern, Deadly Strike, and Killer Body. Rarely, do I want or desire to read until I am cross-eyed or attempt to force myself only to find the book bent and crumbled lying on the floor the next morning. Nevertheless, I rebelliously defied sleep until the wee hours of the morning, gobbled it up, and put it away face up (no bends or crumbles) and then wide awake and thoroughly satisfied, wished I had more.

Don’t waste time . . .the minute Double Exposure hits the shelf, be there front-and-center to buy it . . .you will be thrilled that you did.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Janice.

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