by Susan Mallery

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-77034-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Weddings are supposed to be a time of great happiness and joy for everyone involved. Unfortunately for Gracie Landon, coming home to attend her younger sister Vivianís wedding is nothing but a pain in the butt. Gracie left Los Lobos in disgrace after chasing eighteen-year-old Riley Whitefield all around town with a giant-sized crush that only a fourteen-year-old teenager could have.

Now Gracie is back as a successful wedding cake designer to the stars. She doesnít want to be reminded of her crush on Riley, but unfortunately, thatís all the townsfolk can talk about upon seeing her again. Though fourteen years have passed, it seems like it was only yesterday that Gracie had lain down in front of Rileyís car and proclaimed he should just run her over if he intended to get married to another woman. Gracieís a legend in Los Lobos, and nobody intends to let her forget it.

When Gracieís older sister Alexis drags her into a scheme to find out what Alexisís husband is up to, Gracie runs smack dab into Riley, the one man sheís been avoiding. He isnít very happy to see her.

Seeing Gracie again is a blast from the past for RileyÖa very unpleasant blast from the past. Riley has enough going on in his life right now, and the last thing he needs is Gracie the Stalker back in Los Lobos. She vows that sheís sorry though and that she intends to avoid him as much as possible, but that doesnít seem like that is going to happen.

Riley is running for mayor of Los Lobos in order to meet the terms of his Uncle Donovanís will. If he wins the election, Riley will get ninety-seven million dollars. The last thing Riley needs to mess up the campaign is the return of Gracie, a woman who is already drawing him into her crazy schemes.

But things get progressively worse when it seems someone is trying to ruin both of them. Compromising photos are taken of Gracie and Riley at a hotel. Nothing was going on, but that doesnít matter. Things arenít looking good for Riley and Gracie. Someone has a vendetta against them both and unfortunately, there seem to be quite a few suspects.

Now Gracie and Riley have to start working together to figure out just what is going on. They also have to try to stop the chemistry between them from getting too hot. Things are heating up between Riley and Gracie, and though itís something neither of them wanted, now that it has begun, they canít help but enjoy the ride. But will there be a happy ending for these two, or is history bound to repeat itself? Will Gracie leave Los Lobos in shame or can she and Riley decipher who is trying to ruin them both?

Falling for Gracie is the sequel to Susan Malleryís Someone Like You and what a sequel it is! The setting of the very curious and gossipy town of Los Lobos provides the perfect backdrop for Gracie and Rileyís love story. Gracie and Riley both have old reputations to live down. The heartthrob Riley is out to prove that he can win the election, and that he isnít a failure. Gracie wants everyone to know that she isnít the same love struck teenager that the town remembers. Neither is looking for love, especially with each other, but Susan Mallery has a way of making even the unlikeliest of couples fall in love.

Added to the growing romance between Gracie and Riley is an entertaining mystery that really isnít very hard to figure out, but is sure to provide lots of laughs and plenty of opportunities for the endearing protagonists to fall in love. Even more touching is Gracieís struggle to become part of her family again. After being gone for fourteen years, her family relations are very strained. This was one of the most emotional aspects of the story, as Susan Mallery is able to convey Gracieís desperation and loneliness when being around her family, but not truly being part of the family.

Susan Mallery writes with a flair for the believable and the true-to-life, and Falling for Gracie is most definitely an excellent example of this talent. This is an endearing story with people that the reader comes to care for due to their many faceted characteristics and zany quirks. You definitely wonít want to miss Susan Malleryís latest story.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Sarah.

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