by P. C. Cast

April 2005
ISBN: 0-425-20196-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Interior designer Pamela Gray is in for the trip of a lifetime when she lands in Las Vegas.

As a rising star in the field of interior decorating, Pamela has been commissioned by science fiction writer E. D. Faust to decorate his home. He has very specific ideas about what he wants it to look like and Pamela hopes to help his dream come true for him. She knows that this commission, if successful, will do wonders for her business Ruby Slipper. Pamela knows Las Vegas is a city unto itself, but she has no idea the havoc that is about to come to her life due to her trip.

Greek God Apollo and his twin sister, the Goddess Artemis, are visiting the Kingdom of Las Vegas to better experience modern mortal life for a weekend. Unfortunately, Bacchus, the God of the vine, is angry that the other immortals are invading his territory. He has some plans up his sleeve that don’t bode well for Apollo and Artemis. His first plan is set in motion when a slightly tipsy Pamela makes an invocation to Artemis to bring some romance into her life. The invocation lies heavily on Artemis’s shoulders but she has a plan of her own. She knows the perfect man to fulfill Pamela’s wish…her twin brother Apollo!

When a stunningly handsome man named “Phoebus” introduces himself to Pamela, she’s shocked. Phoebus is not only amazing to look at, but he is cultured and very intellectual. He seems too good to be true, and after a devastating marriage, Pamela knows only too well how easily men can masquerade their real personalities. Nonetheless, she agrees to go out with him and surprise, surprise, she has a wonderful time! Phoebus brings romance, pleasure, and fun into her life again.

Apollo has never been so enamored with a woman before, immortal or mortal. Pamela fills a void in his heart that had long been empty. He wants to show her who he truly is, the God Apollo, and what better way to do that than to bring her to Olympus? Unfortunately, even the best intentions can go awry, and when Pamela discovers who he truly is, not only is she angry and a bit scared, but she’s turned into a flower! How will Apollo rectify this situation, especially as he has become trapped in the Kingdom of Las Vegas with Artemis?

Goddess of Light is another stupendous update of Greek mythology. P.C. Cast does a remarkable job of infusing Apollo and Artemis with human qualities, making them seem very personable and outlandish, rather than antiquated Gods.

The romance between Pamela and Apollo is very sweet and touching. Apollo is definitely not what I expected; he was much more emotional and down-to-earth, not at all the playboy of Greek mythology. Their story definitely invokes the innocence of first love, even though both of the protagonists have experienced some form of love before.

The supporting character, especially Artemis, will have you laughing out loud, as will Artemis and Apollo’s reaction to Las Vegas. The setting proves to be an idyllic location in which to bring together Pamela and Apollo, and in many ways, Las Vegas turns into a character of its own.

Goddess of Light is a story not to be missed!

Reviewed in March 2005 by Sarah.

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