by Laurin Wittig

May 2005
ISBN: 0-345-47625-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Return to the tumultuous fourteenth century Scotland in this sequel to Charming the Shrew. Ailig MacLeod is given a kingís edict, a demand that will brand him a traitor in the eyes of his kin and his clan. While the bond between father and son is tremulous at best this new task will succeed in shattering what little familial ties exist between them.

Morainn MacRailt is tired of avoiding a certain would-be suitor, an uncouth lout for whom she feels nothing but revulsion. She is an independent woman, a widow, in no hurry to remarry. The opportunity to oversee the kitchen in the Lairdís Keep will go a long way in keeping her safe against the unwanted advances. But what is she to do about the blossoming desire she feels for one Ailig MacLeod?

Efforts to keep errant thoughts of him from dominating her mind fall short from Morainn's desired goal. Between dealing with an obstinate clan and longing for a woman with walls surrounding her heart as thick as the stone walls of the keep, Ailig has his work cut out for him. Politics, greed, and treachery play their part in shaping the future of Morainn and Ailig. Though it is unfair to have their lives ruled by so much beyond their control the two are fortunate in that the results are favorable indeed.

Author Laurin Wittig has created an enjoyable story with unforgettable characters. We are gifted with a delightful blend of romance and history in this tapestry of achievement woven throughout with passion. Though Daring the Highlander is my first read by Laurin Wittig it most certainly will not be my last. Readers of historical romance will appreciate the obvious devotion this author has for her craft.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Rho.

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