by Jaci Burton

December 2004
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Stories about shape-shifters or werewolves can often be creepy, scary and horrifying. In the case of Jaci Burtonís Devlin Dynasty: Mountain Moonlight, however, the story is sexy, romantic and somewhat humorous. Ms. Burton is a talented writer and she has the ability to take werewolves (of all things) and make them not only palatable, but also desirable. Go figure.

The story captures the readerís attention from the very first page and is so irresistible, that it is difficult to put down until the absolute last word has been consumed. Connor Devlin comes from a wealthy American shape-shifting family (they shift from humans to wolves and back again). The familyís mission is to save the wolves of the world. The wolves of the Carpathian Mountains are in desperate need of help, as the Romanian government is allowing hunters to hunt them almost into extinction.

Katya, also a shape-shifter, is an heiress to her pack and to the Braslieu Castle located in the Carpathian Mountains. She is meeting with Connor to convince him to devote money to her cause of saving the wolves there. The entourage she brings to this meeting is made up of members from her pack and one of them is a man with his own agenda. He knows that Katya is a virgin and whoever takes her virginity becomes her partner in leading the pack. He tries to rape her. Itís Connor to the rescue and he saves her before the villain can accomplish his goal. Katya indulges in a drink and her inhibitions are removed. She gives in to her passion for Connor and they sleep together. Connor is unaware of the consequences of sleeping with her. Because he was the first to breech the castle walls so to speak, he is now the alpha male of Katyaís pack.

Connor believes that Katya did it on purpose to obligate him and is quite obnoxious once they arrive at her castle. In fact, he is obnoxious, arrogant and chauvinistic for the first part of their relationship. This drives Katya insane, of course, and she pulls away from him. They eventually come together to save the wolves and live happily ever after. And last, but certainly, certainly, certainly not least, the sex is absolutely X-rated. Bonus!

Reviewed in April 2005 by Lisa.

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