by Alexis Hart

January 2002
ISBN: 1-59080-076-1
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Seducing Cupid is a wonderful read if you have a spare hour or so to spend in front of your computer. It is a charming story of love at first sight and how one person will go to great lengths to secure the love of another.

Rusty Arrow is more like an overgrown prankster than a grown man. He meets Aphrodite Albright, Cupid for short, when he was pretending to be a chauffeur. He makes a bet with his best friend Cory, who is the real chauffeur that Cupid will say yes when he proposes to her on Valentine’s Day. So Rusty sets out to seduce Cupid the best and only way he knew how.

Cupid owns a catering business and meets Rusty (who is pretending to be the chauffeur) while she is practicing her archery with her nephew and actually hits Rusty with an arrow, luckily not a real one. But you could say that Cupid found his (or her!) mark because Rusty was instantly attracted to her and knows he must have her.

The depths that Rusty feels for Cupid and the set of plans he has to seduce her is fun to see, especially when she learns what is he doing and turns the tables on him, buying the most expensive engagement ring, thousands of dollars of clothes and even enlist the help of his best friend Cory and his own secretary! This is a very lighthearted read and one I recommend.

Reviewed in April 2002 by Pam.

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