by Anya Bast

December 2004
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Serena is a powerful OtherKin witch; she is able to draw on tremendous power to cast her spells. However, she believes she is an unremarkable woman with a tendency towards what she calls ”geekiness”. When the leaders of the local coven arrive on her doorstep to call upon her services to watch over Cole, the mortal vessel for the ancient pagan god Cernunnos, Serena does not know whether to refuse or moan out loud. To say that Cernunnos picked a great mortal shell to inhabit goes without saying, but what is she supposed to do with him in the meantime. Serena discovers that the coven also managed to unleash a sadistic playful demon called Ashmodai. Then everything begins to fall into place for her.

Cole is confused. He is aware that he is anything but ordinary but a god? Yeah, right. He knows he has powerful magic at his disposal, but that is it. The spell that brought Cernunnos forth prematurely temporarily stole Cole's memory. However, there is one thing he does know, and that is he can’t wait to gets his hands on the witch keeping him. Serena is his. Cole wants to shout that possession from the rooftops; he wants to put his mark on her in every way, every position imaginable. Before he can make any permanent plans for the two of them, he will have to call on his godly incarnation to defeat Ashmodai and send the demon back to the hell it came from.

Ordinary Charm is quite extraordinary. From its plus size heroine to the super sexy love scenes, Ordinary Charm scintillates and fascinates. Its complimentary treatment of a wiccan like lifestyle is much appreciated. This follows the strong, well put together plot and vivid characterization. You just can’t go wrong with this one.


Reviewed in January 2005 by Cynthia.

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