by Samantha Hunter

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-79177-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #173
Mass Market Paperback

Newcomer, Samantha Hunter brings us her second novel for the Harlequin Blaze line. About Last Night will certainly keep you warm on these cold, winter nights!

Miranda Carter has been forced to re-start her life. After a near death accident, she decides to finally take charge of her life and do something with it. Moving back to her hometown of Portland, Maine is the first step she must take. The next thing she must do is get her love life back into action and the only man who will fit the bill is her childhood friend and her secret love, Colin Jacobs. When Miranda reads an article on “The Total Seduction: A Five-Step Plan to Jump-Start Your Love Life (or Your Lover)”, Miranda gets an idea of how she can seduce Colin into making love to her and possibly fall in love with her. But first, she must convince her stiff-laced friend that they would make a perfect couple.

Colin Jacobs has been in love with Miranda since they were kids, but she was his brother’s girlfriend and so he kept his feelings undercover. After his brother dies and Miranda moves away, Colin never dreams of having a second chance at loving Miranda. Now, she is back in town and back in his life. What Colin doesn’t know is that Miranda has a plan that would change their lives forever, but will he be brave enough to risk their friendship to find love in her arms?

When Miranda invites Colin to her home after work, he never expects to see a sexy Miranda, dressed in next to nothing, greet him at the door. But when she tries to seduce him, Colin freezes and slows things down before they both do something they will regret later, he values their friendship too much to toss it away for one night of wild sex, and by the look in Miranda’s eyes, this will not be a night of lovemaking, but a night of something far more exciting and unforgettable.

After leaving Miranda alone and unsatisfied in her bedroom, Colin is injured in a freak accident and loses his memory. Why can’t he remember being with Miranda that night or of his running away like some scared rabbit? But with Miranda’s help and love, Colin will learn that losing a few memories is nothing compared to making new ones that will last a lifetime.

Samantha Hunter is a wonderful new voice in today’s romance. She writes real stories that almost any reader can relate to. Love, sex and those feelings that come with it will touch every person who reads her work. All of her characters come alive and draw the reader to root for the underdog and wish that they had the courage to follow their hearts to get what they truly want; love. The sex in About Last Night is HOT!!! Fairly burning up the pages with smoldering heat and passion. If you are in need of something spicier in your reading, then you won’t be disappointed with Samantha Hunter. I foresee great things for this talented author.

Happy reading!!

Reviewed in February 2005 by Debbie.

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