by Linda Lael Miller

June 2005
ISBN: 0-373-77029-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin

Arizona Territory, August 12, 1888

Holt Cavanaugh McKettrick, oldest of tough- as- nails rancher Angus McKettrickís wild brood of sons, knew in his heart he was about to make the biggest mistake of his life, but was resigned to go through with it anyway. The mail-order-bride was attractive enough, and she would make a good wife to him and mother to his daughter, Lizzie. Nevertheless, there was no spark, no flame of passion that Holtís brothers had found with their wives. It was then right before Holt was to exchange vows with the woman that the rider came with terrible news from Texas! Holtís foster father, John Cavanaugh, was in the middle of a range war and was about to lose his ranch. Holtís best friend, Gabe Navarro, who had ridden with him in Holtís ranger days, had been wrongly accused of murder and sentenced to hang! Bowing out of the sham of a wedding to both Holtís and his intendedís relief, Holt races back to San Antonio hoping he will have enough time to help his friends. Nothing in Holtís wild past has prepared him for the scene he encounters when he enters the town square! Miss Lorelei Fellows, supposedly demure spinster daughter of respected citizen Judge Fellows, is burning her wedding dress and shouting to all who will listen that she is refusing to go through with the marriage her father has arranged for her with slimy attorney Creighton Bannings!

Lorelei Fellows was fed up with her life and with the men in it! Knowing burning the dress was causing a spectacle; Lorelei was going to get her point across to her domineering father and low life fiancť whom she had caught in bed that morning with a housemaid, the day of their wedding! Demanding her father release her inheritance of the land her motherís family had owned, Lorelei leaves her fatherís house, and his control, and decides she will make a go of the rundown ranch if it is the last thing she does, just to drive home a point to the judge and to her new neighbor, smug Holt McKettrick! Feisty Lorelei begins to get under Holtís skin and somehow insinuates herself into his life, plants herself in the middle of his range war with evil cattle baron Issac Templeton, invites herself along on his cattle drive, and burrows her way into his heart! The dangerous trek through Comanche territory to obtain cattle for Holt's and Loreleiís ranches unexpectedly brings together these two lonely people, who decide it is better late then never to learn to love,... either that or kill each other!

Powerful and exciting action, three dimensional characters with real to life issues, and a memorable love story tempt you to keep turning the pages of the latest in the McKettrick saga, McKettrickís Choice by renowned author Linda Lael Miller. Ms. Miller knows what the western romance lover wants and delivers it! Oldest brother, and black sheep of the family, Holt finally gets a chance for his own adventure and finding love with a woman who seems made to order for him, Lorelei Fellows. Hurt beyond reason by men that were supposed to look out and care for her, Lorelei decides that at age thirty she is going to live life, not hide from it, and discovers along the way that she can have what she has always dreamed of with Holt McKettrick!

Reviewed in May 2005 by Bonnie.

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