by Jill Marie Landis

April 2005
ISBN: 0-345-45330-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books

Following the sudden death of her husband Tracy Potter finds herself almost broke as she learns he left them heavily in debt. Selling everything she can Tracy moves herself and her son to the Heartbreak Hotel. Her plans are to restore it and make it into a popular tourist attraction in Twilight Cove. It will provide her with a place to live as well as an income until she can get back on her feet and decide what direction she wants to move with her life.

As Tracy prepares the hotel for the upcoming grand opening a mysterious stranger, Wade MacAllister appears at the hotel and becomes Tracy’s first guest. Wade has many secrets of his own and the Heartbreak Hotel seems the perfect place to hide out from his past.

As the days go by Tracy is drawn to Wade and he to her. Things get a bit more complicated when Tracy’s stepdaughter returns from college to spend the summer and shows displeasure at the possibility of Tracy having a relationship with a man other than her father. Can these two brokenhearted people overcome the obstacles thrown their way and learn to trust and love again? What is up with the strange power the house seems to have over the people who reside there? You will have to get a copy of Heartbreak Hotel and discover the secrets for yourself.

Ms. Landis takes her readers back to Twilight Cove and catches them up with beloved characters from previous books as well as giving them a whole new story to treasure. With her characteristic ensemble cast of characters and a very interesting plot Ms. Landis is sure to generate many new readers with this heartwarming story. Heartbreak Hotel is a perfect way to enjoy the spring weather curled up on your porch swing. Let Jill Marie Landis help you forget your troubles with her latest masterpiece Heartbreak Hotel. It’s a story you won’t soon forget.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Barbara.

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