by Rhonda Nelson

January 2005
ISBN: 0-37369207-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1007
Mass Market Paperback

Chicks In Charge is a savvy women’s organization created by four college friends to celebrate being an independent woman. The group was created just over a year ago and they are preparing to start their first convention to celebrate the joys of the independent woman.

Zora Anderson founder of the group has a big secret that could really harm her creditability with her fellow chicks. You see her current boyfriend Dex refuses to sleep with her. She goes to his hotel room on the eve of the conference to confront him and show she is in charge only to make a horrible mistake and blurt out the secret to her nemesis Tate Hatcher. Could things get any worse for this chick that is supposed to be in charge?

Tate Hatcher is the author of the best selling book What Women Really Want. This book teaches the exact opposite behavior that the Chicks In Charge group is trying to reinforce. Men love the book and have made it a hot seller making its author Tate, Zora’s worst nightmare.

Since he knows Zora’s little secret about the sex problem Tate blackmails Zora into giving him full access to her all woman conference. He needs to write a second book to follow up his bestseller and hopes the conference will provide inspiration for the subject matter. Zora agrees but then turns the tables on Tate so to speak when she invites the conference attendees to tell Tate exactly what they find wrong about men and their way of thinking.

Rhonda Nelson has started her Chicks In Charge mini series off on a very high note with the first book, Getting It. I love this type of series and was drawn into the story from the first page. Zora and Tate are very likeable characters that the reader can relate to. The sexual tension sizzles, as these two enemies become lovers. The love scenes are some of the most well written I have read in a while and make Getting It hard to put down. I am anxious to read the second installment of this delightful series to see which of the delightful secondary cast gets their story told next. The wait will be a short one, as Getting It Good the second installment will be released in the Blaze line in February.

If you want to put some heat in your cold winter nights be sure to pick up a copy of Getting It today. You won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Barbara.

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