by Shelly Laurenston

March 2005
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It is not a good idea to think of Angie Santiago as a defenseless woman. Nik learns this the hard way, when his dolt-headed brothers bring her to his home. She wakes up swinging and almost gets the jump on him. If he were human, she could have killed him. Nik isn`t human; he's a shape shifter – tiger to be exact. The more time he spends with Angie – usually on the rough side of her cutting tongue – the more her falls for her.

Angie can't believe it. She had only been recently introduced to the shape-shifting world as a whole, when hyena shifters attack her. The next thing she knows, she's being knocked down – and apparently out – by a couple of tigers. This is not her day. However, she'll be damned if she'll play the simpering Miss like her hillbilly captor seems to think she should. They really should have done their homework before they kidnapped a woman that has made more than one man cry – with her smart-ass mouth alone. Not to mention the countless court-ordered anger management courses – that had no visible effect – that she has had to endure for committing extremely violent acts.

It becomes necessary for Angie to stay with Nik, for her own safety and the safety of her beloved – if beleaguering – friends. The sparks and fur fly every time Nik and Angie are together. They just might fall in love – if they don`t kill each other first.

Here Kitty Kitty is the third book in Ms. Laurenston's Mangus Pack series. These books are like chocolates, you can't choose just one. Angie’s story is unique, sexy, and suspenseful. Angie is such a tough nut to crack, you almost feel sorry for Nik. Until he opens his mouth and says something deliberately inflammatory, just to watch her explode. Then you just sit back and watch the fireworks. For you Mangus Pack groupies, not only are we treated with Angie`s sumptuous hillbilly tiger; but we get to see the rest of the gang as well. Mouthy Miki and Sara – and their mates too – make more than just an appearance. I can only hope that Ms. Laurenston writes another sexy shifter novel soon. Here Kitty Kitty is more than enough to tide me over until then.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Jodi.

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