by Karen Kelley

April 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-0711-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Transplanted Texan Logan Hart, rising star reporter for a New Orleans daily newspaper, is a man who loves a challenge. Temping as a male stripper for a series of a-day-in-the-life columns, Logan is captivated by the sultry Southern Beauty sitting in the first row at his last show. When their gazes lock he knows he has found his one and only but he has to do something fast to keep her. Whatís a guy to do but lure the woman of his dreams on stage and into his arms. He is further intrigued by the parts of her he doesn't see and he would like nothing more than to plumb her depths and lay bare the secrets in her eyes. However, after an incredible night of passionate lovemaking, Logan thinks he will have a chance to get to know his mysterious lady, but she has other plans and does a flit following one hell of a goodbye kiss.

New Orleans police officer Jody didnít think a girlsí night would change her life. When the sexy stripper on stage gets a rise out of her usually quiet libido, Jody reluctantly relinquishes her hard won control for a night. However, she has a huge secret. Thus far what really happened the night her father and sister were murdered has remained a mystery and will continue to do so if she has anything to say about it. But Logan makes her feel like she can tell him anything, even her deepest, darkest secrets. As long as she doesnít mind being his next front page story.

Southern Exposure has heat and heart. Logan and Jody will make you laugh and leave you with a sappy smile. Mysteries are solved and families are reunited. You canít go wrong with a story like this.


Reviewed in April 2005 by Cynthia.

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