by Veronica Sattler

February 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-6922-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Adam, Marquis of Ravenskeep, is a very dark hero whose life becomes endangered when he makes a pact with the devil, in the form of Lord Appleby. Caitlin is an Irish peasant girl with the gift of second sight that she sees through visions, which disturb her to no end as she sees tragedies in other peopleís lives. Caitlin is summoned by Ravenskeepís housekeeper to try to heal Adamís severely injured and eventually stays as a governess per Adamís request.

This is a very dark tale about good versus evil. Although I found it a bit disturbing at times, I just had to keep reading to see how it would turn out. It was very difficult to predict the ending to this novel as Veronica Sattler deftly kept the plot going until the final chapter.

Caitlin is a lovely heroine, and an extremely brave one. The love she has for the Marquis is so deep and sincere it brought a lump to my throat. Adam is a tortured hero who would do anything to save his son. Unfortunately what he does is not very wise and results in dangerous consequences in which Caitlin has to find a way to save him.

Aside from having the second sight, Caitlin is a healer as well. She learned this talent from her foster mother who was a wise woman. Caitlin realizes that in some cultures her foster mother would have been regarded as a witch and found this sat a bit oddly on Caitlin who was a devout Catholic. But both Caitlinís religion and her healing were necessary to the story.

Andrew, Adamís son, is a brave little boy who is a very necessary secondary character to this story. It was a very risky plot to tackle in a romance story but I feel that Ms Sattler really handled it with insight and understanding.

Come Midnight is a sequel to The Bargain, which the author wrote in the mid-eighties. Some of the characters from The Bargain are featured in this story as well. I did enjoy this book even though it scared me at times!

Reviewed in April 2002 by Mary.

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