by Dorothy Garlock

May 2005
ISBN: 0-446-69394-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Trade Paperback

April Asbury is anxious to arrive in Fertile, Missouri and take on her new job as nurse for the town doctor, however it seems she may be washed away before that can happen as she arrives during a driving rain storm. When she abandons her car and heads to find help, she ends up cutting through the field belonging to Joe Jones and his bull. Joe, who has a friendly reputation around town as being a ladyís man, is quickly smitten with the new nurse.

It doesnít take April long to find a room to rent from a local widow and to quickly settle into life in a small town. She even begins to regard her new boss as not only an employer but also a friend. As much as she enjoys most of the residents she meets, she quickly realizes that all is not quite what it seems as someone in town is hiding a secret that could affect the lives of many of the townspeople.

April and Joeís slow blossoming relationship is only a small part of what takes place in this newest Garlock book River Rising which makes it just a bit different than her earlier fare. Garlock touches on many different subjects from racial prejudices to the harm that can come from vicious gossip. Anyone who gobbled up copies of The Edge Of Town or High On A Hill will slip right back into the familiar landscape of the other books in the series. Youíll also enjoy catching up with the whole Jones clan.

Iím not sure if Garlock plans for this to be her final book set in this particular setting, however I personally felt that this book wrapped up stories for most of the residents very well. Iíll be anxious to see what Garlock has in store for us with her next book.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Shelby.

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