by Samantha Reynolds

December 2004
ISBN: 1-55410-120-4
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A Kiss From The Rose by Samantha Reynolds is a truly fascinating sweet romance filled with joy, pain, angst and sorrow, but a must read for everyone!!!

All Kayleigh McConnell wanted out of life was to marry a loving man, raise their children on the family farm and tend her roses. However, reality was an entirely different matter. All she had were her parents - dead in a car accident, a surly, constantly drunk brother who wasn’t working, and two jobs of her own, just to keep the creditors from taking the farm!

Diarmuid is Prince of The Rose Fae from the Fae city of Aaran who, foolishly, made a deal with the Sea Witch for the release of his best friend Cathal. He was to go the Mortal World and find his true love and convince her to leave all she knows and return to the land of the Fae with him, without telling her any of the details of the deal.

Kayleigh meets her best friend Angela at the local hot spot for a night out. When Angela comes in she points out the “new blood in town”. Kayleigh’s eyes meets Diarmuid’s and something happens, although at the time she has no idea what it is. Then Matthew, her brother, comes in and humiliates her tremendously! Diarmuid comes to her rescue outside the bar and then walks her home, despite the warning from Cathal, his friend! When they arrive, he wants a kiss and gets it – however Matthew comes out of the house to start more trouble.

Diarmuid and Kayleigh are fated to be together, but it takes them each some time to realize it! Matthew has a secret that is causing him to act as he does and when he tells Kayleigh, her world is shattered!!

This is an absolutely fantastic book that I highly recommend for everyone!!! The love between Diarmuid and Kayleigh is so real and the problems each has are so believable!! I can’t wait to read Cathal’s story!!! Be sure to have some Kleenex ready because you will need them, but you’ll be glad you read this wonderful book. NOTE: The 5 heart rating is based on the writing skills of the author and the story. I did see some editing errors that should have been picked up and corrected but weren’t!

Reviewed in December 2004 by PamL.

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