by Tori Carrington

May 2005
ISBN: 0-765-31240-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Forge
Trade Paperback

Sofie Metrolpolis is not only funny but also sexy and very exciting. I loved how this young Greek-American girl handles her hurt, pain and her own reaction to a very sexy Australian mystery man, Jake Porter.

Sofie was going to marry the man of her dreams until she caught him and her maid of honor taking liberties with each other in the back of the church. So what does she do? Calls off the wedding, punches the priest and goes on a honeymoon that was meant for two. She ends up on a reality TV show, thanks to a relative who made a few changes. She does not win, but it gives her a moment or two that she will not have to answer to her family. Will she want to go work in her Fathers or Grandfathers Greek Restaurants? One question from her Uncle and Sofie is now a Private Investigator for his detective agency. She has learned how to shoot a glock but she has it in her glove compartment. Sofie does not have a P.I. License for she will have to wait three years. That is the law in New York City.

Her former neighbor’s dog, Muffy is missing. The dog hates her and she does not like the dog, but to keep her Mom off her back she will try to find her. Then there is the man who says his wife is cheating on him. While following her she darn near gets killed. Seems that the husband is right, the Mrs. is cheating, so it looks. While trying to find out more she darn near gets shot, but Porter has helped her and she is safe to run back to her car while the police arrive.

There is the neighbor down the street known as the vampire to everyone. He is missing and only his nephew is seen at the house. That is another freebie. Her Grandfather wants her to find something for him, but to not tell the family.

To top all this Sofie finds out the engagement ring that Thomas gave her is not a real diamond. Her Grandfather had given Thomas his wife’s ring to give to Sofie and he switches the diamond. Her Grandfather will need to be bailed out of jail for this, because he went after Thomas.

Sofie finds Muffy! Seems as if he was not far from home, but will it be in time to help the former neighbor whose health has suffered for the dog napping. Will the vampire reappear and will she be able to figure out what is going on with the cheating wife? Will she be able to locate what her Grandfather is missing, without the family knowing?

You will meet all kinds of characters in this book. I love how each is unique, including those that live in Sofie Metropolis building, a wedding gift from her parents. Not to mention all the gifts she has kept stacked up in her bedroom.

Jake Porter, just what is he? A bounty hunter or FBI agent? Porter makes Sofie hot for him in so many ways, but she is not sure if she can trust him. Her sexual attraction to this man is one she feels she has to act on. She throws herself at him for one kiss. She does not get the reaction she was hoping for. Porter has his reasons; he does not want to be the rebound guy, so he tells her. Also Jake is nowhere to be found on paper. Is Jake Porter is real name? Lots of questions and Sofie cannot get any answers out of him either.

Tori Carrington has once again written a funny, sexy and I am hoping a series of books to come. I want to know about each character in more detail. I want to also know will there be a relationship between Jake and Sofie. I am left looking for the next chapter in their lives! Once you start reading you will not be able to put the book down. It’s a hit!!!!

Reviewed in April 2005 by Theresa.

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