by Jodi Lynn Copeland

December 2004
ISBN: 1-59578-075-0
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Dade Foundree had been thrilled to leave his hometown of Lone Pine, Colorado behind years ago. After all, judging by the population and area entertainment, Lone Pine is hardly what anyone would even call a town. However there isn’t much that Dade wouldn’t do for his dear grandma so he plans on making a quick trip in and an even quicker trip out. Of course once he arrives and remembers there is no cable, his beer is flat, and all he has for company is one overgrown cat, his mind starts remembering the one thing about this town he did like – his sweet, little next door neighbor, Emily Sorensen.

Even though Dade is fairly sure that Emily and her family probably moved away years ago, he decides to stroll over and see. What he finds is beyond anything he could ever have imagined. Dade at first thinks that he’s interrupted a robbery in progress when he finds Emily drugged and tied to a kitchen chair. He has no idea until later that Emily has tried to drug and restrain herself so that she doesn’t turn into Tammy Getsaround.

Of course as soon as Dade “rescues” Emily and tries to take her to the hospital, she turns into just what she had been trying to prevent, and Dade ends up getting the ride of his life. Soon after Tammy will turn back into Emily in time to explain to Dade just what is going on. After all she only has til midnight to stop the transformation from becoming permanent.

Copeland has tried to mix a good dose of humor in with this erotic short story; however for me, the humor only came across as stupid. I’d like to say the sex between the characters made up for the rest of the story, but I found that where it fit in with the craziness I’d read in the first part of the book, it was also lacking for me. I have however heard wonderful things about Copeland's other books and will be sure to give one a try, before making a final decision.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Shelby.

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