by P.J. Womack

December 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-317-1
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This book starts out with Nick believing, Shelby, his fiancť had given his plans on a new building to a rival. Yet he still had to work with her on the same building.

Both the hero and heroine are still in love with each other yet refuse to show it and skate around each other trying to score points for a good part of the book.

The writing style is crisp and fast flowing, but I found the plot a bit weak. It didnít help that I was only 40 pages into the story, when I worked out who the real culprit was.

I did like Nick and Shelby. Some of the sparks they shot of each other was amusing and well thought out. Nick was a real hunk and Shelby couldnít be blamed for not getting him out of her head. One scene where he found her hiding in his wardrobe when he returned earlier than she expected and she had to dive for cover brought a smile to this readers face!

Itís a pity the plot was on the weak side as the characters were well thought out and really had great chemistry not forgetting sexual tension. I would read other books by P. J. Womack even though I donít give this story more than 3.5 roses. I like her writing style and her characters.

Secondary characters like the creepy Mark and his besotted girlfriend Kate, fitted well into the plot but I felt they were made to obvious early in the plot. They could have been made more subtle.

A nice enough read but not enough to keep me hooked on the plot.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Mary.

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