by Amanda Steiger

December 2004
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Can someone love the other in an arranged marriage where they do not met until the day of the ceremony? How quick can the feeling of love grow or does it grow at all? What about just learning to live with someone and in a completely different house and planet than where you grew up? This is just some of the things facing Keelie. Her father arranged her marriage to Kalen Ashler.

Keelie didnít know what to expect. She had been taught to keep her eyes downcast and not to let on how intelligent she was. What she did get is a husband that did not want to consummate the marriage even when he found her attractive and to his liking. She had no idea what was wrong and she did try to find out, but was left to her own devices.

Kalen agreed to the marriage but it doesnít mean he likes it. He was content to live his life along with his headaches. He was different than any man that Keelie has met before. Kalen was interested in Keelie, but he thought that he would be able to keep his secret a secret.

Ms. Steigler has given us a story that love and hope can come frrom the most unexpected arrangements of marriage. Kalen and Keelie both are attracted to each other and Keelie is all set to perform her wifely duties it is Kalen that has the problems. Can Keelie help Kalen before it is too late? Will she want to help him once his secret is revealed? Even though this is a relative short story, it will not leave you feeling as something was left out. Nothing will bring me out of a story faster than an error along the way in the storyline but with that being said, I did enjoy Ashler.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Pam.

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