by Sahara Kelly

December 2004
ISBN: 1-59596-090-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Leave it to Sahara Kelly to deliver a short, sexy, satisfying romp all in twenty-three pages no less. But, who else could pen the story of two lonely people stranded in a snowstorm, and effortlessly convince you that you had actually read a full-length novel and knew the characters . . .ahemm . . .intimately?

In Now Playing: A Christmas Pageant Joanna Woodbury (Joey) is a music teacher by day and a surreptitious cocktail waitress every weekend. Staff Sergeant Martin Todd (Marty) is disillusioned and bored with his military career, after being wounded in action; he had pushed papers behind a desk for several years. Bored or not, he certainly never expected to spend the first night of vacation with his rock hard cock sunk deep in the sweetest pussy he could ever imagine. Not only that, there was a glow about this woman, and she wasn’t the typical fare you would find at a strip joint—especially one called “Boots and Pussy.” Marty knew, long before he exploded in the wildest climax of his life that he wanted to spend a lot of time getting to know this lady better. He was supposed to be visiting his ex-Marine buddy Collin Fenton, but no one could have predicted the weather or the state of his growing arousal. Shockingly, however, Joey is long-gone by the time he wakes the next morning, and every effort to find her proves impossible.

Martin meets up with Colin after all, and relates the whole sorry story to him, but Colin has no answers to give. He has never heard of any woman fitting Martin’s description of Joey or anyone who goes by that name. Still feeling a bit perplexed—the next thing Martin knows he is reluctantly agreeing to help-out at the elementary schools annual play, where Colin and his girlfriend Maude are participants. Martin will be generously rewarded for his humanitarian efforts and I do mean . . .R-E-W-A-R-D-E-D.

Expect to be tickled, and expect to say “WOW, all that in less than twenty-five pages!” Sahara Kelly just cannot be beat in the Erotic eBook genre. Order up, and you can bet I will be looking forward to Ms. Kelly’s next effort.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Janice.

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