by Melissa McCLone

December 2004
ISBN: 0-263-83869-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Mills & Boon
Mass Market Paperback

Reed fulfils his life with his ambitions to rise to the top of his career. Then a colleague talks him into going to his high school friendís wedding. There, he discovers his own childhood sweetheart, Samantha, is now a widow with a young son. Then he begins to wonder just who is the father of her son.

Reed is not the most endearing man at the start of the story, but he quickly grows on the reader. Samantha is a good character as is Timmy, her son. Samantha has a fear of Reed re-entering her life and dragging up old feelings she thought were long buried.

The story has a good Christmas feel to it, and the characters very much enter into the spirit of Christmas. This gives the book that special touch for the holiday season. Children in a story always help add a magic feeling to that time of year, and Timmy does that so well.

The interesting bit about this story is that while Reed thinks being a father is a good idea, he also feels that giving up his way of life is a non-starter. This book doesnít automatically assume that the woman does all the changes like many books in this type of series. Reed has to really take a good look at himself and his travelling. He has to decide if living out of a suitcase to fulfil his ambitions to the exclusion of everything and everyone is really right for him. Samantha pushes all the right buttons, and he finds that passion has a habit of clashing with ambition.

This is a nice story and well worth a read. A new author to this reader, Melissa McClone plots her story well and has a few surprises in store for lucky readers. Definitely worth a read.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Mary.

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