by Dee Henderson

October 1999
ISBN: WISBN 1-57673-577-X
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Mass Market Paperback

Every once in a while a reader discovers a sensational author and is lucky enough to discover that she has written other books.

This is how I felt after reading Dee Henderson for the first time.

She is a truly inspirational writer.

Sara is under FBI protection because there is a killer out there who wants her badly. She has lived this way most of her adult life, and at 26, it is a way of life for her. Boyfriends do not exist in her world until she meets Adam who wonít take no for an answer.

A synopsis of this story is difficult as it can in no way accurately depict the truth of the spellbinding, suspenseful story. Sara is such a wonderful heroine that the reader will want her to have a happy ever after story, but the trauma in her background is immense. This makes Adam a very special hero.

Adam and Sara are a couple who stay long in the memory of the reader. They are unique in their own way. The love they feel for each other and their strong faith in God is awesome.

This is the first time I have read an inspirational romance. I often believed that perhaps the religion would overwhelm the plotline. I am delighted at the clever way this author weaved the coupleís strong faith through the story without ever detracting from the plot. It gave the story that extra zing which added a wonderful feeling of completeness to the whole book.

The secondary character who stood out was Dave, Saraís brother. I loved him too. Now I want Dee Henderson's The Negotiator because Dave's story features in it, and he so deserves a romance of his own.

I love how Henderson conveys sexual awareness and passion between the couple with a look or a touch; it heightens the sexual tension between them so well.

If you have not read Dee Henderson before, start with this one. It is a must read. Canít recommend it highly enough.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Mary.

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