by Pat Pritchard

January 2005
ISBN: 0-8217-7791-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lee’s Mill, Missouri

Even with her pretty face and trim figure, Cora Lawford seems to be the only one in her circle of friends from the Luminary Society of Lee’s Mill who is heading towards spinsterhood. Cora has accepted her lot and has moved out of her Aunt Henrietta’s home to her own little house just outside of town, much to her Aunt and friends dismay. After all, Cora is alone out there, and recently there have been sightings of outlaws camping by the river, not far from Cora’s place. However, Cora is insistent, and needs the proximity to the newly built schoolhouse where she will be starting in the fall as the new teacher. She is fine, that is until the day former convict Luke Gibson arrives home to claim what's left of his parents’ rundown farm next to Cora’s land, adding another incentive for Cora’s friends and aunt to worry about!

Having survived the hardships of the Civil War and five long years in a Yankee prison, Luke Gibson wants peace in his life. Despite the whisperings of the townspeople about his past, Luke is dead set on making a go of the farm he grew up on. With his no account younger brother, Jack, in tow, Luke starts to rebuild the farm they grew up on. Luke can try to hide from the nightmares of the dead that plague him on his farm, but it is the beautiful Miss Cora Lawford he will not be able to find escape from. Rumors begin to circulate that Luke is somehow tied in with the outlaw gang seen near his property. Innocent until proven guilty is how Cora sees it, and she is certain that Luke is very much innocent of any wrongdoing. Cora is going to do her best to help Luke put his demons to rest and to convince him they truly belong together, forever!

Pat Pritchard pens another great Luminary Society love story with her latest, The Outlaw Groom. Tortured Luke Gibson wins my heart hands down. He is a remarkable hero having survived so much in his life - war, the deaths of his friends and parents, a scoundrel brother who jerks Luke’s chains at every turn, and a prison sentence that has left him physically and emotionally scarred. Yet, despite all this Luke wants to try to fit back into life. His actions while returning to his farm and giving his love to Cora help make The Outlaw Groom a joyous and memorable romance!

Reviewed in January 2005 by Bonnie.

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