by Jenna Mindel

January 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21035-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

George Clasby was beginning to regret his impetuous younger days. He recklessly acquired quite a reputation as a rake. While past damage was irreparable, George was aware that the future may still be molded into a semblance of respectability. First, however, he needed a respectable lady.

Miss Harriet Whitlow wanted George Clasby. She, who was highly regarded in society, mannerly and kind toward all, has been enthralled with the man since their first meeting two years ago. But George barely spared her a glance. Of course, she had done nothing to bring herself to his attention. Until now. At a Christmas function Harriet decided to lay it all on the line. She jumped at the chance to kiss him under the kissing bough. Harriet put every bit of longing and all her dreams into that kiss. Still, George continued on as if she were a mere distraction. Her world was shattered.

Her third season was upon her and Harriet’s father was beginning to lose hope of her ever marrying. Each year Lord Whitlow had paraded potential husbands before her in hopes she would choose one to be her husband. Harriet had turned them all away. She wanted to be needed and there was one man who needed her to save him from a lonely life as an old lecher, George Clasby.

George was not as oblivious as he pretended to be toward Harriet. Yet he accounted Harriet’s astonishing behavior at Christmas to too much wine. Hearing Miss Whitlow’s name mentioned here and there did not help George dispel thoughts of the intriguing lady. It wasn’t long before it occurred to George that Harriet was the perfect remedy for his social needs. No one in the ton was as respectable as she was. Being seen in her presence could only help him on his path to suitability. Then there was that glimpse of fire he’d notice in her. Was it possible there was more to Miss Whitlow than first meets the eye?

Author Jenna Mindel has written a charming story with sensitivity, humor and an innate understanding of the human heart with all its peculiarities. Miss Whitlow’s Turn is fast-paced and entertaining. Make sure you have plenty of time to read once you start. There is no boring spot to be used as a stopping point in the entire book.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Rho.

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