by Jewel Adams

February 2005
ISBN: 1-9-59374-331-9
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Creating fresh, new, original ideas in romance, could be a dilemma an author might encounter nowadays in writing. I can sympathize (somewhat) and then beg an alternative. Perhaps, one could throw out the original, and try an innovative twist to a tried and true formula. With hope that it would suffice, and present a more inspiring read. Jewel Adams in her latest endeavor Darlin` sadly, could not accomplish either one.

Present Day—Joleen Longman is still feeling somewhat spooked and uncomfortable with the fortunetellers parting words “beware of what kills in silence,” even so, she bravely propels her car towards the mountain cabin she calls home. A terrible summer storm is brewing and suddenly, Joleen loses control of her car and slams into a large tree. Her head strikes hard against the steering wheel, and nearly knocks her senseless. She realizes too late that the séance she had attended with friends, would not be her only mistake this night. Dazed, and without any other option, she decides to get out of the car and walk the rest of the way home. Unfortunately, just as Joleen clears the fallen tree a flash flood hits and she is careened away into darkness.

1713, Virginia Colonies, near the Appalachian Trail—Allen Flint is angry and worried. He had been contracted to guide a wagon train of folks headed to the Louisiana territory, but a grubby young boy lying on a log, nearly hidden, was about to blow his cover. When Flint sees him noisily, part some branches he moves in quickly—covers his mouth and throws him to the ground. He had been tracking this group of savages for some time and he wasn’t about to leave his fate in the hands of this stupid little fool. He forces the boy to run, despite his protestations, and doesn’t stop until they reach the other side of Devil Falls.

Yep, you guessed it. Flint quickly realizes the grubby little boy, is no boy at all. In fact, she is everything you’ve read a heroine should be. Red hair (except remember she is from the future so it’s short and wavy) Violet eyed, buxom, curves and skin like ivory satin and petite. And of course, Flint is a “big” handsome man who moves like a “cougar.” Joleen also embodies doctoring skills, mothering skills, and she is spunky as hell. More awesome than that . . .she is very, very S-E-X-U-A-L. Yes, she has never known a man before, but low and behold her first time out, she stands in all her glory, gives herself a good rub down and then spreads her secret sensitive sex, wide open before Flints horny eyes.

In an effort to spice things up, Jewel Adams throws in a good looking Iroquois Indian named Awasos and a Frenchman—Captain Paul Le Beck. Joleen will meet up with Awasos when she goes out all alone to save Flint after he’d been captured while scouting. But, then the no good ungrateful bastard captures her as well, and she had just saved his sexy bronze ass from drowning a few hours before that. Awasos, whose name stands for “Bear” really turns Joleen on (yes, you can just tell) but he never goes “all the way.” No, Flint intervenes and saves his little Darlin` just in time, although he’d been tortured unmercifully. Poor Captain Le Beck, gets no action at all, and simply smolders every time Joleen comes near.

There are two good things to say about this book. Besides being corny, cliched, and excruciatingly boring—Ms. Adams was quite prolific in writing erotic sex scenes, and encompassing every genre possible in relatively short period. I genuinely believe Ms. Adams has some talent . . .but regrettably, it is not apparent in this particular story.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Janice.

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