by Marjorie M. Liu

March 2005
ISBN: 0-505-52626-3
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Mass Market Paperback

I have just turned the final page on a groundbreaking new paranormal novel. Author Marjorie Liu has crafted a stunning tour de force that combines raw action, unbelievable phenomena, and deep passion. Tiger Eye is the first of what I hope will be many stories to come about the psi-based agency called Dirk & Steele and the special operatives who have found a home with them.

Delilah Reese is visiting China for the first time in many years. An artisan specializing in metal, Dela visits Beijing’s Dirt Market, looking for trinkets to take home to family and friends. She finds much more than she ever bargained for.

When an elderly booth owner offers her a riddle box, she is intrigued. Something about the piece and its strange inscription calls to her. From the moment that she takes possession of the box, strange things begin to happen. Dela is accosted by a man who had been watching the booth. When he refuses to leave her alone, she is forced to scream for assistance. Once she is safely back at the hotel, she again inspects the riddle box. With a special affinity for metal, she is able to release the mechanism that has kept the box sealed. With the release, her safely ordered world tilts on its axis.

Suddenly before her is seven feet of warrior. Hari is the victim of a curse and has been forced to obey the box owners for the past two thousand years. He is completely distrustful of the woman who now holds him in thrall. The world has changed drastically since he was last in human form, and he feels completely adrift. How will his new mistress abuse him? What dark deeds will she ask him to perform?

The box is only one of the problems that Dela and Hari will face during their short acquaintance. There is someone trying to kill Dela, and Hari will feel compelled to protect her. She is unlike anyone he has ever known. She has vowed not to compel him to obey and treats him with dignity and respect, but strangely, does not appear to be afraid of him.

There is so much action going on in this story that to say any more would be a crime. Readers will be eager to follow Dela and Hari on their travels from the Far East back to America. Equally alluring are the special men of Dirk & Steele who come to Dela’s aid. Each unique with unusual abilities beyond the “normal”, they are intriguing and compelling. Delilah is a wonderful heroine and not without her own special abilities. Hari is a walking fantasy, an immortal warrior with scars inside and out but a heart that longs to love. Tiger Eye is a definite keeper and I will be scouring Ms. Liu’s website for future publication information. Note to author - write fast!

Reviewed in February 2005 by Paula.

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