by Kate Douglas

April 2001
ISBN: 1-58200-634-2
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Romance writer Michelle Garrison is in BIG trouble! She has lost her memory, gotten herself practically shanghaied into a pretend marriage-of-convenience, learned to ride a horse and work on a cattle ranch and has topped off her list of transgressions by falling hopelessly in love with Taggart Martin, the owner of the Double Eagle Ranch! To whom she may or may not be really married!

Confused? Don’t be, because this is just part of the plot of one of the funniest and most delightful romances you’ll find!!! Michelle’s torturous adventures are neatly paralleled with an assortment of the most delightful half-truths, misunderstandings and out-and-out lies; I was waiting for Bob the Dog to shake his head in disgust after listening to the incredibly intricate and Machiavellian maneuvers of the humans around him!

I spent most of this book laughing, sighing, and even wiping away the occasional tear – it is just perfect!! Michelle is everything anyone could ever want in a heroine – she’s spunky, determined, confused and in serious lust with Tag! For his part, Tag is major hero material, being tough, smoldering, sensitive, baffled and sensual by turns. Yummy!! Add some adorable ranch critters, two tough-yet-tender (and oversexed) seniors, and a seriously hunky New York literary agent into the mix and you’ve got several hours of marvelous escapist entertainment.

Kate Douglas has produced a wondrous tale with Cowboy In My Pocket – it is, without doubt, full of everything we read romances for!! Please rush to your nearest store or eBook source and grab it – when you’ve finished laughing you’ll feel like you’ve been on vacation with Michelle in glorious Colorado. Note to Ms. Douglas, you’ve got to tell us what happens to Mr. Studly, Mark Connors!! Any New Yorker who can look that good in beaten up blue jeans deserves a story of his own!!!

Reviewed in April 2002 by Celia.

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