by Treva Harte

December 2004
ISBN: 1-59596-071-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Mercy Ward has just lost her twin brother Luke. She’s devastated and has never felt so alone or helpless in her life. For so long she watched him pass from life into death, and now she’s just not sure what to do. Her world has revolved around death for so long that’s she not sure how to start living again.

When the nurse gives her something to help her sleep, Mercy starts to dream of a different time. Instead of 2004, she’s now in Boston in 1775, and she is Mercy Baines, a woman who is newly widowed after losing her older husband George. She’s now very wealthy as she controls George’s printing business and his two apprentices. But it is the apprentice James who interests her, who entices her and makes her want to feel beautiful again. Though she’s only twenty-five, she feels older, and it is James who makes her feel younger and more alive.

Mercy and James start having a heated and passionate affair, while at the same time, Mercy of the present meets Cullen Grant, a lawyer who has called to tell her that some money has been left to Luke, and by proxy, her. Mercy is stunned by the unexpected windfall, but she is even more stunned by her attraction to Cullen, a man several years younger than herself…just as James was younger than Mistress Baines.

Now the Mercy of the present has to deal with the Mercy of the past, and the resulting conflicts that happened in Boston in 1775. Just as the future is unsure for James and Mercy, so too is the future unsure for Mercy and Cullen, a fact with which Treva Harte eagerly tantalizes the readers with as she spins her story. This time travel novel will definitely leave you wondering how these two stories intertwine and connect.

This was a very sensual and erotic love story between two people who have a strong connection despite the perils of time and space. Treva Harte has very clear and strong story-telling abilities, making what could be a muddled and messy story very straightforward and easy to follow, a definite plus for any reader of time travel romance.

Though this isn’t precisely a time-travel story, as Mercy never travels through time, just has very strong dreams of a different time and place, it shares many facets of time-travel, making for an intriguing and carnal love story that beautifully showcases the two different worlds that Mercy inhabits. Though short, His Mistress is a great story for fans of tales where lovers reunite throughout time.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Sarah.

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