by Dee Henderson

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-78535-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Steeple Hill
Trade Paperback

James Graham loves his missionary work in Africa. He finds it to be the most difficult and faith-affirming work heís ever done. But a debilitating illness threatens his work and sends him back to the United States in pain. Hoping to find a cure and return to Africa as soon as possible, James is devastated when he learns that the only cure for his illness is time and even then, healing is iffy.

Rachel Ashcroft has long supported the missionary crew in Africa; sending them warm, homey gifts, and actually going so far as to video tape Chicago Bulls games for them. James is thrilled when he meets his ďAngelĒ but is intrigued by the sadness he sees etched into her every expression.

James decides his mission while home is to bring happiness back into Rachelís life and make her smile again. But Rachel is hesitant to open up to him, knowing heíll be returning to Africa again in a few short weeks. Will James and Rachel be able to open their hearts to love in spite of the difficulties facing them?

God's Gift is a book previously published in 1998. This is a reprint of Ms. Hendersonís second book. I find the characters arenít as well developed in Ms. Hendersonís earlier work as they are in her best selling suspense novels. Nevertheless, God's Gift held my interest. Although, I couldnít sympathize with Rachel. She seemed conflicting at times and I couldnít get a true grasp of her character.

If you like sweet romances, then God's Gift is the book to pick up. It is easy to read in one sitting, but if you have to put it down when life calls, itís easy to get back into the storyline.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Laura.

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