by Jennie Klassel

March 2005
ISBN: 0-8439-5492-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

At 24, Lady Margaret de Languelot (Lady Megge) has been betrothed seven times, three times widowed ... and on top of it all, she is still a virgin. One of the wealthiest women in England, she laments the fact that she can’t make her own choices or even live wherever she pleases. She has been the ward of Sir Humphrey and his wife for years, and even though she loves them, she still has no control whatsoever over her own life. Now, the King is considering giving her, yet again, to someone of his own choosing, and she can’t bear the thought.

Lady Megge decides that she will not marry unless it is someone of her own choosing. Furthermore, she is to take residence in one of her castles, Castle Rising, and will not allow anyone to dictate to her what to do. For this purpose, she comes up with a plan involving the females in Lord Humphrey’s holding, including Lord Humphrey’s wife, Lady Orabella.

When Lord Humphrey finds out what Lady Megge has done, it is his second in command, Sir Olyver, who comes up with the perfect plan. As far as Lady Megge can remember, Sir Olyver is the only man that ever caught her interest, and having to negotiate with him will prove to be quite the challenge for more than one reason.

Jennie Klassel’s The Lady Doth Protest is an engaging historical romance set in medieval England. The plot is utterly charming and it is laced with humor, making it a highly enjoyable and entertaining read. The main characters are perfectly drawn. Lady Megge is a willful and intelligent young woman, forced to take a stand, even if in the end she knows she has little choice but to follow the dictates of the man in control of her fortune. Sir Olyver is a man ahead of his time. He is Megge’s perfect match, appreciating in her all those qualities that a lesser man would have considered to be flaws. The secondary cast of characters perfectly matches the main characters, providing an extra layer that contributes to make this book such a fun read. After reading this sample of Ms Klassel’s writing I do intend to catch up with her published work and look forward to her future titles.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Mireya.

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