by MaryJanice Davidson, Lani Aames, Treva Harte

December 2004
ISBN: 1-59632-065-6
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Nicely Naughty is a Christmas themed anthology featuring three dynamic stories from three incredible writers.

Rome Tyler just wanted to help out the woman stuck in a tree. He didnít plan on getting knocked unconscious or being forced to spend a few days with Marigold Adams recuperating in her home. Mari is an incredibly sexy woman and Rome really wants to get to know her better, but he feels like his sexual prowess isnít quite up to par after several laughable sexual encounters in his past.

Mari is very attracted to the twenty-three year old Rome. But he seems to be pulling back from her. When their situations are reversed, and Mari is stranded with Rome, the sexual heat becomes scorching. The answer to Romeís problems is just a little bit of TLC which Mari is more than happy to provide.

Twelve Nights of Christmas is a charming story from Treva Harte. Her witty dialogue, inane situations, and simple Christmas touches all make for a romantic introduction to this great anthology.

Elf Alexander ďJingleĒ has just received a special assignment from Santa Claus. Alexander is to travel to Tennessee to help Belinda Cooper recover her Christmas spirit. Jingle is excited to leave Christmastown as he has always been the smallest elf, causing him to be ridiculed and mocked by his fellow elves. He canít wait to prove himself to Santa and the other elves.

When Bel sees a mysterious man lying on the ground in her rock garden, she is scared and very much attracted to the handsome black-haired man. When he announces that he is her Christmas elf, sent by Santa Claus himself, she knows she must be dealing with a lunatic.

But Jingle wonít go away and before she knows it, Bel has accepted that Jingle is really and truly an elf. Jingle canít believe how happy he is in Tennessee. Everyone accepts him and nobody mocks his height. Plus, he knows he is helping not only Bel, but other people in need of a little Christmas cheer. He signs her up for bake sales, makes her go to her office Christmas party and just in general tries to revive Belís flagging Christmas spirit.

Jingleís Belle is a very intriguing look at a displaced elf and his attempts to try to make a human better understand what Christmas is truly about. Jingle and Belinda are two great characters who will make you believe in not only Christmas, but in the love and magic that comes with the holiday season. Lani Aames has done a stupendous job of mixing the mundane, the office party for example, with the mystical, Christmastown, in this festive tale that will surely have you looking at elves differently.

Alec Kilcurt, Laird of Kilcurt Holding in Scotland, wants out of Boston. He has just witnessed the happiness between his pack leaders and it has made him very envious. He wants a mate of his own and heís starting to wonder if he will ever find himself the perfect woman.

When the sweet smell of peaches unexpectedly reaches him, he is hit by a wave of lust so powerful he knows it can only mean one thing: his mate is near. As he follows the scent he has no idea that it would lead him straight into the loving arms ofÖSanta Claus?

Giselle Smith never expected a total hottie like Alec Kilcurt to show any interest in oh-so-ordinary her. But interested he is, pressing her to have lunch with him after sheís finished ringing the bell as Santa Claus. Lunch with Alec is interesting to say the least, especially when Giselle starts feeling woozy. Whatís wrong with her?

When Alec takes Giselle back to his hotel when she becomes sick, he never wants to let her leave. But will he be able to convince her to take a chance on a werewolf?

Santa Claws is a rollicking story filled with humor and lots of witty quips between the main protagonists. Alecís initial reaction to first smelling Giselle is sure to catch any readerís attention and hold it for the rest of the story. The humor and good times keep rolling in this short story as Giselle finds love with a man who is anything but what she ever expected her Prince Charming to be.

This was a great anthology that features a trio of stories sure to please any romance reader. The writing is very strong, the characters well drawn and very true to life, plus, the sensational plot lines guarantee a fun read.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Sarah.