by Lynn Messina

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-89513-5
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Trade Paperback

For Meghan Resnick, being Mim Warner’s protégée at Pravda, a top-consulting firm, is a dream job. Mim is a trendsetter, and she always seems to know what’s going to be hot long before the current style ever appears to be capable of going out of fashion. Add to that Mim’s classic elegance and undeniable good taste, and she’s the perfect role model for Meghan; well at least until she starts to make outrageous predictions such as saying that “slut” T-shirts will be hip items for eight year old girls and that real samurai swords will make great gifts for ten year old boys.

Now Meghan’s not so sure about anything, including her career and her ex-boyfriend, Ian. But one day, when she’s doing the mandated “Mim watching” and she sees Mim standing over a dead body, Meghan is suddenly very sure about one thing, Mim Warner’s Lost Her Cool.

Albeit a little wordy at first, Lynn Messina’s Mim Warner’s Lost Her Cool turns into one unbelievably, exciting read. Mim Warner is a woman who one day looks in the mirror and realizes that her looks and her brain cells are the best they’re ever going to get. Once, Mim arrives at the conclusion that somebody’s best is better than hers she basically loses her cool. And her measures, as outlandish as they seem, are actions to which all women can relate. In her own way, Meghan also loses her cool, and in exchange, she gains the rare ability to be honest with herself.

By the time readers have finished the very last paragraph of Mim Warner’s Lost Her Cool, they’ll believe that although there is no such thing as the perfect novel, sometimes one can be found - in a room with Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Trigger, and a bunch of hot dogs - that is so surprisingly close, that it’s still everything you wanted and more. That one is Mim Warner’s Lost Her Cool.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Natasha.

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