by Rekha Ambardar

December 2004
ISBN: 1-59374-192-8
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Trade Paperback

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Even though Leanna Reed loved animal researcher Bryce Robertson, it hadnít stopped her from leaving him five years ago. Bryce, in her opinion, was a workaholic who had no idea of the definition of the word commitment.

When Leanna and Bryce meet next, Leanna has continued her life with a few changes. Sheís now the mother of a beautiful young child, Kai, and sheís also an entrepreneur who has made a success out of her Pelican Harbor gift shop. Bryce is still the same man, traveling across the globe studying wolves. Itís enough for him or so his heart is able to lie until he sees Leanna again and realizes the feelings he had for her in the past have only grown stronger.

Despite her misgivings about Bryce, Leanna is unwilling to tell her heart no again and eventually gives in to her feelings. But when Bryce learns Kai is his daughter, will he forgive Leanna for such a huge betrayal?

The story of a man and a woman ending a relationship and then having a second chance at love only to have it placed in jeopardy by either an incident or the presence of a certain person is a typical romance plot and one, which is often told. Although His Harbor Girl follows along this same storyline, it is far from being an everyday, typical romance novel.

Thanks to Ambardarís engaging storytelling and a cast of lovable characters, His Harbor Girl is a delightful standout among a sea of romance novels. Itís a simple romance that is so beautiful in its simplicity that the reading of the last page occurs simultaneously with a sigh of joy.

His Harbor Girl will make a splendid addition to any book collection.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Natasha.

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