by Madison Hayes

December 2004
ISBN: 1-4199-0087-0
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Sara Walker has never wanted any man as much as she wants coworker Zeke Rutherford. The twenty-three year old cranks her engine in a big way. Too bad shes thirty-four. Still, she cant help sneaking glances at him whenever hes around.

Zeke wants Sara like hes never wanted a woman before. He even resorts to making up a girlfriend, Dea, in order to ask for some sex advice from Sara. When hes thrown together with Sara for several business trips, Zeke plans to take the opportunity to get to know his coworker a lot better.

Sara isnt thrilled about being constantly paired with Zeke. As much as shed like to, she cant convince herself that he is a kid. Not only is he incredibly sexy and masculine, but hes great at his job and very mature. Saras got to get a grip, and not on Zeke. But soon their attraction is too hot to handle. Will Zeke be able to convince Sara that hes everything shell ever need in a man?

Zekes Hands was a scintillating story that really proves that age has nothing to do with love. Madison Hayes created two very interesting characters, each with their own foibles and problems that made them seem very believable and definitely enhanced this story.

This reviewer also enjoyed the extensive engineering knowledge Ms. Hayes worked into the story. It was not only extremely interesting, but it helped to flesh out these characters as the reader gets to see how they both performed in a work environment. Sara and Zeke were the definite stars of this story and whether they were just driving or were taking part in a life or death situation, the witty banter, sexual innuendoes and constant attraction flowed between them throughout the entire story.

For one final hoot, be sure to check out the biography of the author included with the story. It provides not only some interesting information about the story, but its sure to bring a smile to your face.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Sarah.

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