by Laura Paquet

December 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7660-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Laura Paquet has done it again. Once more she draws her reader into an intriguing story with an unlikely hero and heroine. In Lady Cassandra Blythe and Lord Benjamin Rowland, the Earl of Winchfield, the author created two characters who when first introduced have not much to offer to endear them to the reader and to each other.

Lady Cassandra is an Incomparable. It has been observed during a number of seasons, that she has a sharp tongue, a keen intellect and an eye on an equally witty and skilled match. Lord Ben is bookish, stoic, unforgiving, and more at home in the company of an ant colony than in the fashionable drawing rooms of the ton. That these two meet is thanks to their siblings.

Lord Ben's younger sister and her older brother brought scandal upon both of their families by eloping. Lord Ben, one not to easily forget and forgive, has now ten years later decided on a journey to London to apologize for his unbending nature and any hurt he might have caused in refusing to visit any sooner. He also wants to use the opportunity to search for a wife. Preferably one that is plain and biddable.

Lady Cassandra, prepared to be accommodating but secretly bored by Lord Ben, finds herself soon inexplicably drawn to his solid, polite and honorable ways. Weren’t it for her aspiration to succeed as a playwright she’d even consider Lord Ben as worthy husband material. Especially as he seems to return her interest.

Lord Ben can’t help himself even though Lady Cassandra at first doesn’t seem suitable to spend time with and pursue. But just like the reader, the hero discovers slowly the admirable and intriguing sides to her character. And while drawn into the social whirl of the season and learning to avoid and maneuver the pitfalls, Lord Ben proves that he can hold his own, and that Lady Cassandra is to be complimented in her choice as Lord Ben indeed turns out to be hero material.

This story was very well written and told by Laura Paquet in a way that made sense, entertained and came naturally with ease. The Incomparable Cassandra comes highly recommended.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Kris Alice.

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