by Kathie DeNosky

May 2000
ISBN: 0-373-76296-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1296
Mass Market Paperback

The first paragraph of Did You Say Married?! had me hooked! Chance Warren only sees Kristin Lassiter at various social functions – they’re acquaintances at most. But Chance is intrigued and has fantasized about Kristen for a long time. Imagine his surprise when he wakes up next to Kristen, whom he has dubbed the “Ice Maiden”, after an unforgettable night! If they can remember it, that is….

Kristen has no idea why her father insists that she stay away from Chance. But stay away is what she didn’t do – although she and Chance are a bit fuzzy on the details, they both find themselves married to each other with a wedding night that neither can remember! They knew, however, by their bodies’ soreness, that they had indeed consummated something!

Kristen is pretty and very intelligent. Armed with a business degree, she works for her father, Mike Lassiter, at Sagebrush Boots. A demanding boss and father, Kristen always tries to please him and make him proud of her. As a result, she always does what her father wants and has never in the past stood up for herself. Much as her father dislikes Chance, Kristen is drawn to him – the more she gets to know Chance, the deeper she falls in love. Kristen has to decide whether Chance is worth risking her father’s love and approval, which she had always worked so hard to obtain.

Chance is ruggedly handsome, kind and generous, but also has a temper when he is riled. He wants them to stay married in case there is a baby from their wedding night. But truthfully, he conceals from Kristen the fact that he has been smitten with her from their few encounters before and he wants this marriage to work out. Down the road, Chance falls in love with Kristen and does not want to see her go.

But before the marriage can truly be a marriage in every sense, Kristen must come to terms with her father, who does not want her to stay married to Chance.

Did You Say Married?! is the first book published by Kathie DeNosky. And boy, what a debut! Ms. DeNosky lets you see how Chance and Kristen come to terms with their pasts, and how they are able to learn from it and move on. From a passionate opening, resolving many conflicts along the way, to a passionate ending for the hero and heroine (as well as the secondary characters!), this romance is engrossing from beginning to end. I could not put the book down, and it was very easy to finish in one sitting! I highly recommend Did You Say Married?! to anyone.

Reviewed in April 2002 by Pam.

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