by Tamara Gray

December 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-273-6
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Samantha Houston thrives on being in the dangerous business of personal protection. She uses her good looks and the willingness of men to underestimate the feral nature of women to her advantage. Samantha is approached by a powerful master vampire to solve the grisly murder of one of his people. It seems that this offer does not come with an option to refuse.

Thatís not to say that refusal didnít cross her mind as she and Nicholiís right hand man, Sion Baptiste, struck sparks off each other. Having dealt with vampires as little as possible, Sam didnít understand how Sion could get under her skin as quickly as he did. The epitome of tall dark and handsome, Sion was not one to get lost easily in a crowd. His presence demanded attention, and his arrogance took this as his due. Sam discovers that it is no easy feat to protect a group of vampires older and more powerful than any she had ever imagined. She is to protect them from their natural enemy, the werewolf. When devastating secrets about Samís past are revealed, she has a difficult choice to make. Compound this with a psychotic family rivalry and Samís number one priority is to stay alive long enough to solve the case.

Starting off with a bang, The Silver Fang begins with Samantha wounded (perhaps fatally) and we journey with her back in time to discover the events that led up to her predicament. While this book has an excellent plot line, it doesnít look like weíre getting the author's best effort. Incomplete thoughts and haphazard jumps off topic drove me crazy trying to keep up with the plot. Ms. Gray has all the tools for an excellent book; strong sassy lead female Samantha, wicked, sexy vampires Sion and Savastian, werewolf nemesis, murder, mayhem, mystery and romance. Despite her many quirks, Samantha is a strong female who knows and loves her job. Sionís arrogance was actually endearing, his defense against the big bad world. All in all The Silver Fang is a good book. I am looking forward to seeing how this authorís writing matures in the next novel. I am anxious for another glimpse into Tamara Grayís exciting flight of fantasy.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Jodi.

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