by Gwynn Morgan

April 2005
ISBN: 1-58749-436-1
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Mollie is a little apprehensive about the arrival of her new boss, as she didnít get on too well with the last one. Wade McGuire is a totally different man. Divorced after 25 years with two adult children he certainly isnít looking for romance. Mollie, a widow since her children were small, isnít looking for love either but there is a spark igniting between them.

The second story in the Cooper Stars Of Chochise Series, the author has very successfully brought together a group of characters that give a good community feel to the story. She manages to ably convey that they have know each other for many years.

It is unusual to have a man in his late forties and a woman of 39 with 4 children as the hero and heroine in a romance novel. Gwynn Morgan handles this in very well and makes the hero very dishy. Mollie, the heroine, is not only 39 but also a woman who has had her breasts removed because of cancer and opted not to have reconstructive surgery. How heartening for mature women and cancer survivors to have such a strong heroine portrayed as a sexy woman who stirs the handsome Wade.

There is a good plot to this story as well it deals with the day to day law enforcement of an Arizona community and the difficulties of policing such a scattered and often remote area. There is also a serious case of cattle rustling to deal with. All this is handled with a good strong team working together and a detailed but never boring insight to the way such a police unit works, and how all sections pull together to get crimes solved.

I enjoyed this story and while it would have been good to read the first of the series first, the story stands well on itís own.

Well worth a read.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Mary.

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