by Kate Douglas

May 2002
ISBN: 1-84360-172-9
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Are you ready for another encounter with a massive amber-eyed leonine alien? A being who can read your most erotic desires and fulfill them in ways you yourself might not have consciously imagined? Are you ready to allow yourself to become immersed in a future where sentients are still imperfect, but love grows stronger and brighter than ever? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then rush right over to Ellora’s Cave and grab the latest in Kate Douglas’ StarQuest series – The Night of the Cat.

Rather than write an immediate sequel to her very successful Lionheart, Ms. Douglas has taken a different approach with this novel, by introducing us to Jenna Lang, a contemporary California career girl, and a bit of a loner. What Jenna doesn’t realize is that she is about to be telekinetically whipped forward in time to awaken chained to the bed of Garan of Mirat!! (Garan's mother was a littermate of Sander, the first Mirat Explorer we met in Lionheart). Jenna is naturally confused, angry and scared – but she feels a strange empathy for her captor and it fast becomes clear that they are sharing more than touches – their minds are beginning to link.

There is a very tidy plot underlying this tale. Bigotry and hatred would appear to be evils that are not limited to humankind. The Rebellion on Earth has grown since Mara and Sander left, but the xenophobic World Federation continues to attempt to suppress any telepathic powers in humans and exterminate aliens. Ms. Douglas blends the excitement of the adventure and the sizzling love story with a skillful touch, and even though we shake our heads at the narrow-minded racism that exists in so many species, we rejoice in the love shared between our hero and heroine!

This sensual and sexual romance explodes to amazing dimensions with the mating of Jenna and Garan. It is erotic on so many different and exciting levels. Of course the actual mechanics are important, but equally vital is the mind link shared between the lovers that allows each to fully participate in the other’s arousal. Now - how hot is that!!!! Jenna is a wonderful heroine, a contemporary warrior if you will, unaware of her mental capacities or her strength, yet willing to commit with absolute unselfishness to a cause and a lover – Garan. When Jenna loves, she gives everything of herself – Garan’s joy is enhanced by his awareness of this total generosity of spirit. Garan is a charmer; by turns stern, uncompromising, and then completely shattered as he enters Jenna’s mind and body and learns her heart. He is also the sexiest thing in fur – if you’ve ever owned a cat and felt their tongues lick your skin, then just try and imagine a large tongue like that licking your body - everywhere. Now uncross your eyes and go buy this book!!! And watch out for more intoxicating literary catnip from this fascinating writer!

Reviewed in April 2002 by Celia.

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